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Buffalo Turbine Monsoon for Dust Control written in front of a work site with a machine blowing dust
red banner with Buffalo Turbbine Monsoon for Dust Control
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Entrained dust originating from mining, quarry and demolition sites can create occupational health and safety hazards for workers. Dust also has environmental consequences for the surrounding environment and neighborhood. Hazardous airborne dust, containing possibly silica or asbestos, can be generated in the mining and demolition process. Crushers, shredders, grinders, separators and bailers all have the potential to produce entrained dust.
Obnoxious and potentially hazardous odour at waste transfer stations, composting  sites and landfills have the potential to create health hazards for workers and  reduce the quality of life for the surrounding community. With air quality a primary health and environmental concern, many government agencies, shires and municipalities enforce clean air regulations.

The Quattro Monsoon :Solution
Using a Monsoon mist cannon will: 

  • Ensure cost effective, high performance dust control
  • Improve visibility
  • Improve occupational health and safety
  • Create an immediate dust solution for mine dumps, stockpiles and land development areas
  • Provide a cost effective dust solution for events such as trade and agricultural shows, sporting events and construction sites
  • Reduce water usage when compared to other technologies.
  • Ensure environmental and OHS compliance

The Benefit of Owning a Buffalo Turbine Monsoon  Wet mist suppression is one of the best methods for controlling and reducing dust and odours. By creating a wall of micron size atomized fluid droplets, fugitive airborne dust particles are instantly knocked out of entrainment, become heavier and drop to the ground.
The Buffalo Turbine Monsoon’s Competitive Advantage:

  • The BUFFALO TURBINE MONSOON has a unique emitter arrangement that is  unlikely to block regardless of the poor water quality  prevalent on many Australian mines.
  • The BUFFALO TURBINE MONSOON does not have a high pressure
    pump and operates  on municipal tap pressure.
  • The rate of water emission is adjustable according to
  • The BUFFALO TURBINE MONSOON is small, compact and mobile in relation to competitor models.
  • THE BUFFALO TURBINE MONSOON is competitively priced compared to competitors models



A machine blowing dust on a work site

The Buffalo Turbine Monsoon 
            is powerful, cost effective solution to dust control

Worksite machines running on site
Machine working on work site
Machine blowing ust on work site

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